We welcome testimonials of the benefits of weekly Eucharistic adoration:


Canadian Bishop 2018 to Eucharistic Adoration Canada:
  • May God continue to bless you and your Eucharistic work for our Lord!
Another Canadian Bishop 2019 to Eucharistic Adoration Canada:
  • Yes – [you can assist parishes to start adoration in our diocese…]  Please pray for me.

Diocese of Hamilton ON 2019 to Eucharistic Adoration Canada:

  • Pastors are well aware of the existence of your centre and the assistance you are able to provide if they wish to contact you…. please feel free to respond as you are able to their request.

Pastor, Canada 2019:

  • I would love to have you here for a Sign-Up weekend…  I keep praying that people will be open to this grace… We would never know if we do not ask [parishioners] right?.. We can do the weekend of [X, one of the available weekends offered to the pastor] if not already taken. Seems like you are getting very positive responses. I thank the Lord for that…  I tried to respond right away to make sure… I am so grateful!

Pastor, Archdiocese of Ottawa, ON, 2019 to Eucharistic Adoration Canada:

  • You have a great website… I encourage you to contact priests.

Pastor, Diocese of Pembroke, ON, 2019 to Eucharistic Adoration Canada:

  • Keep up the good work. It’s well needed.

Pastor, Archdiocese of Toronto, Canada, 2018 to Eucharistic Adoration Canada:

  • God bless you in this holy endeavour.

Pastor, Archdiocese of Ottawa ON, 2019 to Eucharistic Adoration Canada:

  • I was delighted to receive your call… I would like to be part of this.

Pastor, Ottawa, ON, 2019 to Eucharistic Adoration Canada:

  • Thank you so much!


Head Coordinator at an adoration chapel in Canada that has been going round the clock (except for Mass times) since 2000:

  • The Blessed Mother has provided an adorer for every hour!

Head Coordinator at a Canadian parish, 2019:

  • I am finding new adorers at parishes. I would like to share with you that I have never missed a daily or weekend Mass…. I also adore Jesus everyday. This is a good opportunity and makes it easy to find adorers…. I  am very happy for God’s help and it is my big pleasure to do this work for Jesus and spend time with Him. That gives me me happiness.

A Head Coordinator in parish with perpetual adoration in Kingston Archdiocese, 2019:

  • Blessings of Eucharistic Adoration:  “I feel blessed to have been a part of this spiritual experience. All the people who have participated are blessed as well.  People write in a book their thanks for prayers answered for health, finding jobs and housing.  There have been all kinds of ordinary everyday little miracles.  I kept track of the weekly attendance (and not all visitors sign-in). The total people that signed our book as of April 21, 2019 is 347,262.  The actual number could be double.  It’s been wonderful. Unbelievable. It will be exactly 20 years in June. I don’t think all of this prayer would have been done without the chapel. They concentrate on the Blessed Sacrament. Our pastor did something unique this year on his birthday. All he wanted was for people to spend an hour before the Blessed Sacrament. You wouldn’t have believed all the extra hours logged in the chapel by visitors.  I thought that was a wonderful thing to do.   People drive from other parishes and cities to visit. They get off the 401 and stop to visit the adoration chapel…   Our pastor has been here for 20 years and our parish has changed since he initiated the adoration chapel.  The parish is now so vibrant and outgoing will all kinds of activities and programs (fellowship, Bible study, ethnic festival in his backyard, prayer groups etc.) that have taken place since the adoration chapel was started. I really think it is all the graces from adoration.  The parish is the difference between night and day over 20 years span since we began perpetual adoration.   It is amazing what has gone on.  It has built a great bonding amongst the parishioners.  The Blessed Sacrament has been instrumental in helping others who have moved into the area to adjust to their new surroundings and situations.  They are loved and appreciated. There are many ethnic groups in our parish who are frequent adorers and are so devoted to the Blessed Sacrament.  We are all united in our Love for and around our Eucharistic Lord.  I thank Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Canada ever so much for their information and help for our adoration program.”

Parish Adoration Chapel Head Coordinator Canada 2019:

“Whenever anyone has come to do missions or visit our parish they say there is something different and vibrant about this parish and I believe it is because we have perpetual adoration. A tangible grace, peace and joy flow from the adoration chapel. People feel the Presence of the Holy Spirit and Jesus. There is a difference in your day and your life.  God provides and gives the strength to help you through things.

“I would encourage other parishes to do the same.  We started this in a little country parish. Other parishes joined in. We did not have a problem filling hours in the summer etc. God has always provided adorers. People tried it and wanted to become part of it – every year, more adorers signed-up.  When you start it you don’t want to decrease and eliminate hours.  The gifts we are receiving are very special.  God has blessed me big time.”


Pastor, Archdiocese of Ottawa ON 2019 to Eucharistic Adoration Canada:

  • Please keep our parish in your prayers, and know that I pray for you and your excellent work in promoting Eucharistic Adoration throughout Canada!

Adorer Kingston area 2019:

  • “Just so peaceful. I took at lady into the new age to the adoration chapel. She ended up returning to the Faith.  This helped her to come Home.  We need to be fearless.”




Perpetual Eucharist Adoration Blesses Parishes:


  • “At first, everybody from parishioners to priest friends said it would never work, but I didn’t listen. I kept pushing the idea and eventually things began to snowball. I can’t tell you how excited everyone is over this… The amount of cooperation we’ve had among the parishioners has been phenomenal. They came out after work and on weekends to help renovate the chapel and the school kids made posters to advertise Perpetual Adoration in the local stores,” Fr. Dominick, Pastor, Our Lady of Grace Parish


  • “Many come to our little Chapel throughout the day and into the middle of the night.It is rewarding to see this participation in an act of Faith of God’s presence in the Holy Eucharist. The peace of mind expressed by our visitors to the Chapel is inspiring.”  Fr. John


  • “I think the greatest boast of any pastor would be that his [parish] is a ‘Eucharist’ parish… I believe that St. Anthony’s is fast becoming a Eucharistic people… One cannot spend an hour with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and not be affected by it.” Fr. Robert 


Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Attracts Parishioners:


  • “I was pastor of St. Boniface… As pastor, I had a problem to solve: How do I feed all these hungry sheep? For months I searched and prayed. A series of providential events led to a solution: perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. In the past, I had tried periods of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the parish, but with limited success. I really didn’t think it would work for any extended period. I was wrong. Now, after 10 years of experience,I realize that my doubts were unfounded…  For the past 10 yearsI have witnessed a community that responds.” Fr. Michael


  • “It has brought our people together… We feel that many blessings have come from Perpetual Adoration. We remain a very strong and viable parish in difficult times.The faith of our people is strong, you can feel it here.” Fr. Mide


  • “We’re getting a lot of blessings from it, every Church should do it.” Fr. Hervey


  • “The spirituality of the Holy Eucharist is the spirituality of the Church. I personally feel that Perpetual Adoration is necessary in order to develop a true and deep Eucharistic spiritually among the people.” Fr. Charles


Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Changes the World:


  • “I think that if enough young priests like myself would stand up, speak out and be heard, there would be a more zealous Church for the cause of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament… Now is the time for all of us to return and say we know Him. We know Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Our life is dedicated to His Eucharistic Reign.” Fr. Thomas


  • “The Lord is asking us to have Perpetual Adoration so that His Kingdom may come. The power of continual prayer before the Blessed Sacrament will bring about Christ’s Kingdom on Earth.” Fr. Pierre


  • “Perpetual Adoration is greatly pleasing to God because it brings people to Him…Perpetual Adoration gives graces for the whole world to come back to Jesus.” Fr. Clarence


Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Blesses Priests:


  • “I now know, that Jesus in my best friend.” Fr. Don, pastor of St. Alphonsus Parish


  • “I believe in the power of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament because it has changed my life… this is why I have made Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament available to all of the people in my parish through perpetual Adoration. I want everyone to experience what I have experienced – the power and love of Jesus in His Most Blessed Sacrament.” Pastor, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception


  • “The importance of perpetual adoration begins with myself as a means of personal sanctification. Then I see it is important for the sake of our country and peace in the world.”  Fr. Emmanuel


  • “When God finds a pastor who puts no limits to the glory given to His Son in the Blessed Sacrament, He puts no limits to the outpouring of graces on the parish!”
A Head Coordinator in a parish in Canada in 2018:
  • We have a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel that was opened in 1996. Over the past several years we have seen a decline in adorers due to age, ill health etc. In recent months, we put a team together to spread Eucharistic Adoration with the blessing of our pastor. We used Eucharistic Adoration Canada‘s materials for a booster sign up weekend, which went very well!  … [Eucharistic Adoration Canada connected this parish with a Eucharistic speaker.]

Adorers and Coordinators:

  • I absolutely love my hour! I’ve had the same hour for 13 years, with the same prayer partners, and I just love it! We’ve grown very close to each other over the years.  W.D.

The silence soothes my spirit. I feel a peace at Adoration that is nowhere else. He speaks right to my heart. – J.J.

  • When faced with a big decision or disagreement, my husband and I take the issue to Jesus, face to face in Adoration, and ask Him what to do. He has always given us the grace to accept His Will and remain close to each other, even with very difficult issues. – Catherine

I take a notebook with me and write down all my troubles. Week after week, I see how He takes care of my problems. – Joyce

  • What I really prefer is adoration in the evening, even when I get distracted and think of other things, or even fall asleep praying. In the evening then, between seven and eight o’clock, I stay in front of the Blessed Sacrament for an hour in adoration.

Adoration is my favorite hour of the week. I can rest in Him and receive His love before returning to my family and their needs. – Karen

  • When we look at the crucifix, you understand how much Jesus loved you. When you look at the Sacred Host, you understand how much Jesus loves us NOW. – Mother Teresa

My hour at Adoration has brought me a peace that I never knew and a closer relationship with Christ. I feel so comforted spending time with Jesus. – Gale

  • The greatest thing in the world that you can do is to encourage others AND yourself to participate in Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It is the real presence of Jesus on the earth. The blessings that come upon you & your family will be phenomenal. – Mother Angelica

Thank you for easing the pain of the loss of my sister.

  • I now have a better relationship with my family.

I now understand what a huge thing it was that Jesus gave up his life for me.

  • I have not signed up for a specific time, but come as a guest. I find Adoration at Saint Anne’s rather “addictive” and the more frequently I “pop in”, the more I’m able to better cope with stress and difficulties in my life. The time I spend in Saint Anne’s chapel is the best medicine I could possibly give myself for inner peace and calmness. Silent reflection before the Presence of Christ IS life-giving.

Adoration has given me a deeper understanding of my faith.

  • “…the most peaceful time of the week, my hour at Eucharistic Adoration.” (Mary)

“….I attend 3 Holy Hours in 3 different Churches during the week and I look forward to each with great anticipation.” (An Adorer in his 70s).

“..it took me time to get used to the commitment I gave to do a Holy Hour at Eucharistic Adoration. Now I look forward to my hour.”  (Tom, a new Adorer).

“….I heard the speaker at mass say maybe there would be some sacrifice I would have to make, like missing some TV programme. What sacrifice? I’d be much more upset now if I had to miss my hour at Eucharistic Adoration”! (Jane, a recent recruit to Adoration).

“It gives me great joy to share this with others. I have received such peace, joy, and inspiration during my time in Adoration. I can’t understand how one can live happily without it. We are so blessed to have the ultimate gift of Jesus in the Eucharist. Yet we seldom talk of a personal relationship with Him. I have developed a personal relationship with Jesus by spending time with Him in our Adoration Oratory. I pray that all who read this will want to experience the love of Jesus in Adoration”– Joe

“ …the only regret I have is that our Parish took so long to introduce Eucharistic Adoration. All the hours I could have given to Jesus, are gone.”  (Jimmy just started weekly Adoration).

“….Why is it so hard to get younger people, to come to Eucharistic Adoration.”? They have no idea what they are missing! (Paddy, a very committed Adorer)

“I would feel that there was something missing in my week if I couldn’t attend my hour of Adoration”

“The Adoration Chapel is so peaceful and I love to be there free of all the business of life for a while. There is no phone, no computer, no shopping trollies, no washing and cleaning. It is just me and the Lord having a quiet chat. It is such a quiet time to just look and listen and chat with the Lord”

“Himself and myself solve many a Parish problem during my hour of Adoration each week. I wouldn’t miss it for the world” Fr Tom

“I have been coming to weekly silent Adoration for a good while now. It just amazes me that anytime of the day, I can find Jesus here waiting for me. We are so fortunate to have such a treasure in our Parish. Long may it last!”

“Since I have started going to Adoration weekly I have learned new ways to pray. I love to read a few passages from scripture and meditate on them. If you are not sure what prayers to say or what to do don’t worry as there are plenty of prayer books, bibles and interesting spiritual reading books provided in the Adoration Chapel. However you will soon find your own way to be with the Lord as I did and you will love the experience”

“Adoration has enhanced every aspect of my hectic life. I am now a much calmer and joyful person. My relationship with Jesus has grown weekly and in ways unimaginable. It is amazing that the more I pray, the more I need Him. The more I need Him, the more happy, humble, obedient and contented I become. He is much more alive in every part of my life each day.” Religious Sister

“It continues to amaze me that I stayed away from Church and my faith as long as I did. But I am even more amazed and overjoyed at how great it feels to be back. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament has been such a comfort to me. I feel that he takes me in His arms and looks after me each and every day. I just love to pour out all my joys and sorrows and problems to Him and I feel He listens and takes care of everything for me. It gives me a great serenity and peace when facing the daily chaos of life and living” Young woman, who has recently come back to the Church and has started weekly Adoration

“I have for many years resisted the call or invitation to be involved in Eucharistic Adoration. I didn’t see any great advantage in it and anyway I felt I was too busy. Adoration has been going on in this Parish for 10 years or more. My life was taken up with work, sporting activities, and holidays. I never had a spare moment. Suddenly I faced a crisis in my life and when all else failed I dropped into our church to ask for help. Adoration was in progress with a few people present. On the way out I was approached by this man who asked me if I would commit to an hour a week for about a month and fill in for him while he was on holidays. After some persuasion on his part I agreed. This was the best decision I ever made. It was the first time in years that I experience peace in my life and I wanted more of this. When the month passed, he came to thank me and suggested I commit for an hour of my own. I agreed to give it a try. Seven years later I am still doing an hour a week. It has made such a difference in my life. I now go to mass regularly and have a much greater love of the Mass and much more interested in it. The crisis, bit by bit disappeared. I am still very busy at various things but the hour in Adoration seems to help me to have a clearer head and do things more effectively and efficiently. I now realize after all these years that the busier you are the more you need the Lord and one of the places to find Him is in the Adoration Chapel. A busy sceptic, but not anymore!”

“I have been praying during my weekly hour of Adoration, over many years, for my husband to return to Mass and the Sacraments as he has been away from them for 26 years. He didn’t even enter the church when our children were making their first Holy Communions and Confirmations. On a wet and very cold winter’s day he dropped me down to the Adoration Chapel for my holy hour and asked me to hurry out after the hour as he wanted to go to an important meeting. After the hour he came to collect me and waited outside in the car. After waiting for an extra twenty minutes, he lost patience and ran into the Adoration Chapel to hurry me out. I pretended not to see him and he sat down very impatiently for some minutes. Finally I got up and left and he came speedily after me. I was expecting a lot of anger and complaints because I stayed longer than the hour and kept him waiting. Having got into the car he turned to me, and said, calmly and quietly, ‘I am not going to that meeting I mentioned but instead I am going the priest in the Parochial house and going to ask him to hear my confession. Something came over me as I entered that Adoration Chapel, and I feel God calling me back again’. He got confession that day and became a daily mass goer and a weekly Adorer for the very first time. I put this down to the power of prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament.”

“married man in my thirties with two children.   Christmas Eve 2012 I was in town alone, feeling very lonely, sad and at times suicidal and wanted someone to talk to. I was very low and didn’t want to go home and let my family see me like this. I had an old religious card in my wallet and there was a number on it. I rang this number not having a clue whose number it was. I told Jim (not his real name) who answered the phone promptly that I was suicidal and wanted to talk. I asked him to come in and meet me. Jim kept talking to me trying to calm me down and said he couldn’t meet me but that he knew who could. He asked me where exactly I was and then went on to explain to me where I could go to talk to the person he had in mind. I didn’t listen very much to what he was saying and got a bit annoyed that he wouldn’t come in to talk to me. He emphasized that help was quite near where I was standing, in fact just 50 metres down the street. Jim said that help was in a room around the side of the Church and that I would see a light on in this room window and to just go in and sit down quietly and to tell him all you told me. Who is this him I asked. It is Jesus, the one who can do great things for you. I got a bit hyper and loud and cross, when he said this to me, thinking he was having me on.    However after arguing and listening to Jim for half an hour I set off to get this help. I went into this room and saw three other people there sitting on chairs. I did likewise and watched what others were doing. They were all looking in the one direction. (later I was to discover that it was the Blesssed Sacrament in a Monstrance that they were looking at) I did the same. I started thinking what Jim had said and suddenly found myself talking silently and pouring out all my troubles and problems. About an hour or more passed and I felt a lot better and much calmer. I went outside and rang Jim again. I just said thanks, and I feel better now and I put down the phone. Finally I went home. That encounter with Jesus that night has changed my life. I won’t say all my problems are solved but I am in a much better place now. I visit this Chapel of Adoration regularly now and I get great peace and contentment there. Thank you Jim, thank you Jesus.”

“It was a wet and windy Sunday morning and I was standing inside the Church door, out of the rain, waiting for a lift to do some study in the University as exams were on the horizon. Mass was not something that interested me much, since my Confirmation. Mass was going on as I stood in from the rain. During the Mass a man was invited by the priest to speak to the congregation. He kept talking about Adoration. At one point during the talk he pointed at the Tabernacle and said very slowly ‘He is there. Jesus is there’, quoting some saint. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My lift never arrived and I waited until Mass was over to challenge the speaker. I felt he was just saying ‘He is there’ for effect and to get the people to listen.

I went straight up to the speaker and blurted out ‘did you do that for effect, to get the people to listen when you said and pointing to the tabernacle ‘He is there’. The reply with a smile was calm and definite. I meant everything I said and Jesus is there. Come around to the Adoration Chapel and I will show you Jesus, true God and true man, in the Monstrance, the same Jesus who walked the Holy Land just over 2000 years ago, the same Jesus that performed all the amazing miracles there.

I was gobsmacked and got a bit emotional at this point. I asked him if he would be speaking at the evening Mass and saying the same thing, as my parents usually go to that mass. He said, why do you ask me that? Well I feel that my parents don’t know that Jesus is there in the Tabernacle or in the Monstrance, and that it is really Him. Why do you say that? He asked. Because my parents never told my brother or myself. If they knew I feel they would have told us. I found myself going back to that evening Mass with my parents and from then on Mass has become a must for me. I really enjoy telling others about my journey back to my faith again. I now understand why people love to go to Adoration. I now drop in when passing to the Adoration Chapel. ”

“Jack – had just retired a few months previously and was looking forward to golf, gardening and travelling. If after all his favourite activities, he had a few spare moments, he decided that he would do something small for the Church to thank God for all the graces and blessings experienced by him and his family over the years. Jack was diagnosed with cancer, some 4 months later and ended up having a major operation. When he was returned to a room after a week in intensive care, he asked the nurse to turn on the television. To his amazement the Monstrance appeared on the channel that she pressed. That channel had a link to the Oratory and Adoration was in progress. Jack took this as a definite sign as to what he should do for the Church and promised the Lord that, if he got better, he would do something to promote or make known Eucharistic Adoration. Months later, having recovered, he joined his local Adoration Parish Committee and so began his active involvement in the promotion of Eucharistic Adoration. Jack never had a relapse and is a devoted adorer and promoter of Adoration to this day.

“In recent times I had a feeling I wanted to do more than go to Mass each week. I felt in recent times, as if the Lord was calling me to do a little more. Then one Sunday a few months ago, a speaker from the Apostolate of Eucharistic Adoration was speaking at all the Masses in our Parish. During his talk he invited people to think in terms of a weekly commitment to Eucharistic Adoration. Weekly Adoration for at least two days a week was about to begin in our Parish. There was emphasis on the need for commitment of an hour a week and that the spiritual benefits to individuals, families and the parish were enormous. A card was given to us as we entered the Church and the speaker invited us to fill out that card. I did so quite reluctantly as I was afraid of not been able to keep the weekly commitment. But since I have started weekly Adoration I look forward so much to my hour with the Lord. It is now, even after a short time, a real priority in my life. I continue to pray that other members of my family will follow. I keep telling them how much it means to me and that you have to experience it to appreciate it.   Angela”

“One of our 3 parish churches was burned to the ground in a devastating sectarian attack almost 14 years ago in June 2001. A beautiful new church was built on the site and reopened just over 2 years later in October 2003. The Parish immediately established daily Eucharistic Adoration from 9.00am to 6.00pm. Parishioners quickly committed to specific weekly Holy Hours. In the past 10 years our parish has flourished. We now have many new initiatives, such as Adult Faith Catechesis programs, a lively youth group, flourishing cell groups, a brand new parish pastoral centre, 2 young men studying for the priesthood and, in fact, the joy of one of them being ordained in the newly rebuilt church. God’s ways are mysterious, but for me it provides great food for thought that the church in our parish, which was once the victim of a sectarian attack, has in recent years become the flagship for the spread of Eucharistic Adoration throughout our diocese; the Diocesan Adoration Apostolate, to which I belong, was formed and trained in our new parish church nearly 5 years ago. We have, so far, worked successfully in two thirds of our parishes, spreading Eucharistic Adoration throughout the diocese, and are now well on our way to completing this task.Our newly rebuilt church has a 40 foot high steel cross, which stands alone outside the church. Through effective use of lighting, this cross is dramatically reflected in the clear night sky across the entire local area, of mixed population…”

“This, for me, is another wonderful example of the triumph of the cross and of how God enacts his marvellous plans, out of an apparent disaster, and from the charred ruins of our beloved parish church.”


The Peace of Christ be with you. My name is {X}, a Husband and Father, fellow Parishioner, and an Hourly Captain for {X} Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. Father has kindly invited me to take a couple moments to talk to you about Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament — an incredibly unique way to grow in a deeper more personal relationship with Jesus Christ. What do I mean? How is this unique and personal?

Well, as Catholics, we all adore our Lord in a most intimate relationship as we receive His glorified body in Communion — but this encounter with Christ does not have to end after Mass. We know that his Real Presence: the body and blood, soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus, exposed in the Monstrance, is Jesus truly and substantially present – as real and as present as I am standing here before you. This means that you have personal audience with our Creator in adoration! Truly incredible and frankly the greatest gift in the universe.

So, I invite you to experience the joy of adoration by spending time with our Lord in the St John Paul II Adoration Chapel, where you enter into prayer, perhaps say the rosary, or read scripture. You may want to just sit quietly and ‘look at him’ as he ‘looks at you’, as Jesus is there truly present as he was 2000 years ago. What a unique, joyful, and personal way to connect with God!

I invite you to be in the company of Jesus in adoration in times of suffering, perhaps a dark time, where you may feel as though you have nowhere to go or no one to talk to – But you do! Go see him! He is right over there, in the Chapel, truly present waiting to see you! Tell him your sorrow, complain to him, ask him for help, but then – listen to him. In times of suffering, there is no better place than in the real presence of our Lord Jesus, who is the best counselor in the universe.

I invite you to come adore our Lord when things are going tremendously well for you! This is a perfect time to see him! Thank him for all your good fortunes, because you see, a relationship also includes giving thanks.

As for me, I’ve been adoring our Lord in Adoration for 6 years and where Adoration has been most transforming for me has been with Mass. How? Well, for instance, during the consecration, as Father elevates the host and I look at the Blessed Sacrament extended over the alter, there is a wonderful familiarity and connection with Jesus that is a result of spending time with Him in adoration and the effect is that the entire Mass has become radically joyful to me – I don’t want this encounter to end, which is why I am so attracted to Jesus in Adoration!

So, wherever you are in your journey, I can testify that your relationship with Jesus will deepen in a personal and unique way as you pray and share your life events with him, but more importantly as you spend time with Jesus in Adoration.

In conclusion and just a note, that if you have been looking for a way to become involved in the Parish, I cannot think of a better way than to commit to a Holy Hour with Our Lord. Since Adoration here at SJA is perpetual, you choose the day and the hour. Please see us in the Narthex to answer any questions. Thank you for listening and may you discover the joy and peace in the Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament.


The peace of Christ be with you, my Brothers and Sisters.

I’ve been adoring in the middle of the night for almost 12 years now.

About 6 or 7 years ago I was shown something compelling about being before Jesus alone, in the silence of a still chapel, with God truly present before me in His divine Eucharist.

What I was shown is quite simple.When we pray, we often are steeped in our own language, and in this we tend to do all the talking and desire that God will all the listening. I did just that my entire life. I prayed and prayed and prayed the Rosary, devotions, petitions an entire “arsenal” of Catholic prayers. It’s what we do as Catholics. But then I took it all into the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel until, as I say, about 6 or 7 years ago.

What the Holy Spirit made me aware of were two notions. In one, I was given what the Venerable Fulton J. Sheen wrote in one of his books. “Every single day of my priesthood,” he said, “I have sat in front of the Blessed Sacrament for one hour and listened intently, sometimes even while falling asleep.” In the other notion, I was shown what Our Holy Father Pope Francis tells us about adoration, where he says, “Allow yourself to be gazed upon by God while sitting in front of Him before the Blessed Sacrament. Allow the real you to be viewed as He wants to see you. Let yourself be gazed upon while sitting quietly even in drifting off into a spiritual sleep.”

Think about what these two men are telling us:

“Relax with Jesus alone in the silence, even without one’s usual prayer.”

Each of them said,  “If you need to, repeat Jesus’ name over and over again until your mind’s distractions fade away. The quiet will do the rest. Deep meditation will eventually happen.” I personally repeat a line from the 46th Psalm over and over and over “Be still and know that I am God” until my mind vacates. I become God’s vessel.

Imagine that! Just listening to our Lord. Allowing oneself to be gazed upon by God

I’ve come to understand why I was given this gift. God wanted me to hear Him.

In the adoration chapel, alone at last with God, with a crumbling and very dark world outside, He taught me to listen in complete silence to what He is saying to me.

There is no clutter, no “noise” from inside me. It is just Him speaking.

And my prayer life? I pray “my arsenal” much more than ever OUTSIDE the chapel. It has made me one who prays with greater humility whenever and wherever I pray.

I offer this for those of you who may be voicing an interior fear or concern about PEA and may be saying, “I don’t know how to handle an entire hour alone with God in His Divine Presence. It scares me.”

Our Lord quells that fear. He says, “Come and be with me. This is all I want. Just sit with me and even fall into a slumber if it happens. You are here. I know how much you love Me. You don’t have to say a thing. Let Me do the talking.”

Allow me to stress what the meaning of a holy hour is TO ME:

To REALLY adore is to give oneself over completely to God. Adoration, at its core, is giving full attention to Jesus before us.

(Think of this…

…when a person is really listening to you, you see it in one’s eyes, don’t you? The person is not distracted. The person is with you, and you just know your words are being heard.)

Well Jesus knows you are giving full attention to Him when you adore and just listen in silence. He sees it in your eyes.

Listen! Can you hear Him calling out to you to take a seat in His special chapel, His soft, gentle whisper, rendering to you what you so long for in your life peace! Peace in Him.

PLEASE find 60 minutes in your life. Commit to a holy hour in {X} PEA chapel.

Sign up for that hour right now after Mass today. There in our vestibule you can pick any hour out of 168 hours in the week any hour that works for you. I’ve always adored in the middle of the night even when I was still working, because the world is asleep and the quiet is part of the darkness and even driving to and from the chapel is soothing to my soul, knowing Jesus is waiting for me as an adorer to show up and be with Him.

I extend this to you: Adoration has become spiritual pre-disposition for me. It has changed my life. It may well change yours. Are you longing for more quiet with God in your life? something you cannot even find at home? A holy hour in your life fully dedicated to God is an essential way to give sacrifice to Him. Commit to an hour a week just for Him you quietly alone and listening.

You know He is waiting to have that talk with you.

PLEASE Do something for yourself, right now.

This very moment, close your eyes for the next 60 seconds Just close your eyes.

Ask yourself and try to respond to this honestly:

“But it’s just not for me.” “Adoration is just not for me.” “It’s just not for me.”

“Is it because I simply do not believe in the real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist?

Well, then. That would explain it, wouldn’t it?

But if I do believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ is truly present in the Sacred Eucharist Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity waiting for ME in that beautiful chapel to talk to me for me to listen then why, Dear Me, would it NOT be for me?”

“Why indeed?”



Five years ago, one of my children was physically attacked by a classmate. What may have seemed rather unpleasant but not terribly traumatic to anyone superficially acquainted with the situation was–to me–an intolerable outrage. I knew what my child had already endured in life and was furious that this child would be victimized by a boy who was a coddled son of privilege, entitled–in his stunted little mind–to do as he pleased to whomever he pleased. I was not just angry with the boy who attacked my child. I hated him.

It was a natural response. Enter, conflict. As a Christian, I know that I am a “new creation,” and am not to follow the natural response, but the supernatural response. Christ has commanded me to love my enemies and to forgive, “seventy times seven.” He taught that I am to show mercy, so that mercy may be granted to me. What, then, could I do but swallow my pride, get down on my knees, and pray for that nasty little boy?

I began to go before the Blessed Sacrament daily because it was the only place I could pray for him without allowing my mind to indulge in hateful fantasies of his just rewards which included humiliation, failure, and misery. In the Divine Presence, I was able to ask God to bless that child. I was able to beg God to transform my hard, vengeful heart into a natural, forgiving heart. Very shortly, after a few weeks of daily Adoration, I found that I could see a frightened, vulnerable, insecure boy where I had formerly seen a monster. Forgiveness suddenly came easily.

What happened next surprised me. I came to love the boy. The longer I prayed for him–maybe after a year of praying for him daily–I began to see glimpses of the soul behind the swaggering facade of the now young teen. I paid close attention to his words and actions and began to see a boy who had repented and who was clearly attempting to be actively good. I began to see him occasionally coming from the Adoration Chapel himself. I loved him more deeply as the months passed into years. I began to pray for his vocation, sensing that he had the qualities one longs to see in priests.

Others began to notice these qualities and changes in him and also predicted a brilliant career in the Church, should his parents choose to support his vocation over more conventional choices. Still, I could sense in him a vulnerability, a willingness to give in to pressure, a need for approval that can go terribly wrong in adolescents. I prayed that he would have the strength to resist the temptations that would surely come his way as a bright, good-looking, charming young man. You see, I had come to truly desire his best good. God had transformed my hard heart into a loving heart.

Daniel died suddenly two years ago, at the age of 14. His death left an entire community reeling from grief. I was overwhelmed, brought to my knees literally, when I heard the news. The boy I had hated, the boy I’d grown to love was gone. Very soon after he died, I was struck with the terrible “what ifs?” of the situation. What if I had remained angry and resentful of him during the last few years of his precious life? What if he had died and I had not made peace with him? How would I have dealt with the guilt? Thankfully, the Lord had rescued me from my sin of anger.

By approaching the Lord in the quiet of the Adoration Chapel, I was able to hear him speak his lesson of forgiveness and love to my hard heart. I am so grateful for the peace of Christ I found before the Blessed Sacrament.

Please consider giving the Lord one hour a week to transform you with his love. Thank you.



Good morning. My name is Michael. I have been a parishioner at {X} for 11 years. I married my beautiful bride, Julia, here 10 years ago and God has blessed us with 4 boys, all baptized here at {X}.

We are fortunate in this parish to have Perpetual Adoration and we are blessed to have many adorers to make sure the exposed Eucharist is never left unattended, but we need more parishioners to make a commitment to spend time before the Blessed Sacrament 1 hour each week.

I personally adore at 3am on Sunday mornings. Given the obligations of work and family it was one of the only consistently free times I could find in my schedule and, besides, I would only waste it on sleep. The early morning slot has truly been a blessing. It really is a great chance to silently spend time with Jesus. There’s no hustle & bustle out on the streets or here on the grounds. For those of us who can have a hard time focusing there are fewer distractions to battle.

I guess the question is why do I go to adoration? The simple answer is because that’s where Jesus is. Yes, we can find God in nature, at home and in our family and friends but he is present in a profoundly intimate way in the Eucharist exposed for us in the Monstrance. It’s almost impossible for me to fathom that we have a God who desires union with us. How small a sacrifice for me to make to spend an hour with Him who is always with me.

I have gone to adoration with joy, with sadness, with tiredness. Whether I go to adoration to thank the Lord for the healthy birth of my son or with anxiety for the responsibility of the new life God has entrusted to me, Jesus is always there. My problems haven not been miraculously solved since I became an adorer, but I have a new sense of peace and I know God is with me through my trials & tribulations. I know that God so loves me that he came down to me so that I can be with him for eternity.

Lastly, I go to adoration for my family. My primary job as a parent is to lead my children to Heaven and to do that I need to, in the words of the Baltimore Catechism, teach my children to “…know, love, and serve God in this world.” Parents know that what you say to your children doesn’t matter if you don’t example it in your own life. My family isn’t with me during my hour, but they know I go. They know I go because I want to strengthen my faith and deepen my relationship with our Lord, but I also go to strengthen my family’s faith and deepen their relationship with our Lord.

I urge you to commit to spending 1 hour each week with our Lord. While all here are invited and wanted I want to specifically call out to the men here today. I have been told that the adorer ratio is 3:1 in favor of the ladies. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s right. We need to do our share. What’s more, for all you husbands and fathers, if you want to improve your family life the best thing you can do is improve your prayer life.

Thank you & God Bless.


My name is Tom. I am a parishioner here at {X}, and I am also a member of the Perpetual Adoration team. Let me share a little bit about that program.  You may not know this, but late Sunday nights when most of you are asleep, I am here praying. In fact, there are parishioners praying right now, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are praying, visiting, thanking, crying, asking and learning. Did you know it is open for you too? I found it the hard way.

My girlfriend’s dad, a retired FBI agent and incredible man had just been diagnosed with cancer. After her tears and shock came anger and questions. Why would God to this to a man who has only ever served Him well? She was not satisfied with any answer I could offer, so I invited her to talk to God in person. I had to find a church offering perpetual adoration. To my delight – and shock – our own parish had it. And I had no idea!

So I invited Andrea to Adoration. Today, I am also inviting all of you. She was not familiar with perpetual adoration so she had questions. Many of you may ask the same. What is it? What happens? What do I do? What do I say? Here is my answer:

It is YOUR time with God. One on one. Up on that altar is the heart of Jesus. There is no mass or formal ceremony. There are no ushers, no choir, not even a priest. Just you and Him. So talk to his heart from your heart. If you are happy, thank Him. If you are angry, be mad. If you need a favor, that is a pretty good time to ask. But the single most important thing I want to remind you to do during your audience with Jesus is to LISTEN. Listen, not just for the answers YOU want but for the answers He gives.

After going to adoration that day, my dear Andrea was still angry and I was still a sinner. But I continued to listen. God’s grace gave me the strength to be there for her and her family. God did not answer our requests to cure her dad. But because I was open to His answers, He helped me understand why. He needed another soldier, and was only taking the best. He also knew this would devastate the families this great man left behind, so he gave us 8 months to say good bye.

I wanted to go back to adoration to thank God. But I am also trying to build my own business, so I used every excuse I could to not go. God kept calling. Ironically enough, a Sunday mass was being offered in her father’s memory that my girlfriend’s entire family attended. That day, God sent someone just like me to speak at a mass just like this to invite me to come visit Him again – One on one. How can you say no to that, right? Immediately following mass, I signed up to pray for one hour every week. I am here every Sunday night… Well, Monday morning from 1-2am.

We are inviting you as individuals, families, clubs or groups to commit to spending one hour a week in Adoration. Seem like a huge commitment? I find it an absolute honor to get a personal audience with Jesus every single week. During my hour, I’ve been happy, sad, angry, scared and sometimes confused. I’ve read, I’ve prayed, I’ve cried, I’ve started with a few prayers and then sat quietly just listening. I use my time to learn about my faith and also about myself.

Now understand, I have a long way to go with my faith – I’m still a sinner – but I’m learning more and more how to LISTEN to God’s message to me. I listen not only for the answers I want, but for the answers He gives me. The best I can say to you is you’ve got to try it! Please at least consider it. Perpetual adoration programs around the world are organized and run by lay parishioners, not priests or deacons. So it is up to us to make sure someone is always there. Why not ask a friend to join you? You don’t have to choose a late hour like I did. Pick what works for you. If you can spend this extra hour a week with Jesus, you will be amazed at what He can do for you. Please come and ask questions if you have any.



Good morning! My name is Kim {X} and I’ve been a committed adorer for five years since we started Perpetual Adoration here at {X}.  I was not always a Catholic – since I came into the Church a little less than 20 years ago, there hasn’t been a mass that I haven’t teared-up when the priest raises the Host and the Chalice and says those beautiful words, “Behold the Lamb of God, behold Him who takes away the sins of the world.  Blessed are those called to the supper of the Lamb.”  I am always awestruck with gratitude and wonder at God’s love and mercy that He has counted me among those to enter into communion with Him this side of Heaven.  So if I receive this wondrous gift each week at mass, why do I bother to go to adoration?  Why do I commit an hour or more out of my life, often daily, to sit in that tiny room in the corner of the church?

I go to share my joys and thanksgiving, my sorrows and disappointments, my small hurts and great griefs.  I always leave with consolation.

I go to discuss the problems that lay heavy on my heart – to get advice and good counsel.  I always leave with peace and answers.

I go to pray for the conversion of the world, and I have seen many conversions, even in my own family.

I go to learn how to pray and the Holy Spirit has taken me to depths of prayer I never imagined.

I go to be healed of the deep wounds of my life, and I have experienced profound healings.

I go to learn to love more and more perfectly, to answer the call to become a saint.  I am far from there, but I know by faith that I am making clear progress with every hour.

But let me tell you the most important reason I go to adoration…

Because He is there! He is just as present there today as He was 2000 years ago when he was down the street preaching and healing. The Merciful, All-loving God is there – really there!  He waits in that chapel to pour out His love upon us, thirsting for us to come and love Him.  I truly encourage each of you to commit to a weekly hour and experience the joy and peace that only come from meeting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Members of the Adoration Leadership Team are available after Mass in the back of the Church to answer any questions you may have and help you find the Holy Hour that works best with your schedule. Thank you.



My experience as an adorer started this past Lenten Season.  At the beginning of Lent this year, I felt that I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. Over the years and during Lent I had given up things like coffee, meat, and as a child I once gave up watching the show The Simpsons entirely for Lent.

However, this year I wanted to challenge myself and develop a greater capacity for devotion.   I also am often in need of healing and greater clarity in life.

I became interested in becoming an adorer.  I inquired online about adoration at {X} and received an email within about ten minutes. I was then informed that a very recent and urgent need had arisen for an adorer during the 3 AM holy hour on Friday Mornings.

Because I couldn’t possibly have any conflicts at that hour and because I was looking for a challenge, I agreed.   I was quickly shown the ropes by the very kind adoration director and I met my lovely prayer partner after the first night of adoration.  Most holy hours have two adorers, referred to as prayer partners.

For me, there has been something significant about interrupting sleep for this purpose of adoration.  The very act is a break from the ordinary.  To come awake when deeply asleep for this represents a small willingness for this “waking up” to occur in all of my life.

As the Lord advised us, the Father would need to be the one to draw us to Christ. Once drawn, a “stepping closer” may be appropriate at times in life.

At that hour of the night, everything is very still.   A sacredness is felt.  There are no distractions.  Sometimes my heart surges with joy.  Sometimes I wrestle within.  Sometimes I see clearly what I am to do next. Sometimes I need to kneel to stay awake.  It has always been a practice.

Being in adoration has had many practical benefits. – Healing of old wounds, a greater receptivity to feel God’s love, joyfulness, & peace; an opportunity to make concerted efforts to forgive others and pray for others, a time to forgive my mistakes, and a time to receive guidance in my life.  I have never ceased to be amazed by what can happen.  The day after I adore I almost always feel peaceful and energized.

I am very grateful to have this experience at {X}.  It has been very meaningful for me.  I would like to thank all of the adorers and especially my prayer partner for their very inspiring commitment.  The level of participation in this program of perpetual adoration I have felt as exceptional and it shows the strength of this community. I encourage all who may be interested in expressing their devotion in this manner to sit a little while in the adoration chapel and see how it may touch them.  If you have any questions about adoration or would like to sign-up for a holy hour, please visit with members of the adoration committee at the table in the back of the Church after Mass today.



I started visiting our Lord for a few minutes here and there until I found myself craving that time of silence with the person that loves me most in the world. It took me a while but I signed up to be an adorer on November 2013 and once I started showing up every week things started to change. My relationship with the Lord has deepened. My prayer changed from a laundry list of things I wanted from God to a simple question: what do you want me to do? In the midst of all that, I met a girl…. visit the Blessed Sacrament at the same time, the only difference is she was in {X} and I was in the chapel over there, same Jesus though. Long story short, after roughly 100 hours of prayer, that girl followed me into the desert and now I call her my wife, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary a few days ago and our first baby is on the way. (Praise the Lord!) We’ve been blessed in so many ways and I can’t thank God enough for what he has done for my family. As you may have deduced by now adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is a central part of my relationship with my wife and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I pray for all families here at {X} and especially for the men; if you feel the Lord calling you to a deeper relationship (and by the way, He is) consider signing up to become an adorer, I promise you won’t regret it.

May God bless you.


I’m a very private person, so if I’m telling my story about Perpetual Adoration, it has very little to do with me. It has everything to do with praying before Christ at our Perpetual Exposition Chapel. We at {X} are greatly blessed with one of the few Perpetual Exposition Chapels in the diocese, and we’ve experienced fairly dramatic conversions at our little chapel. …

My story is not so dramatic, but it is an ongoing conversion. I’ve been involved with Perpetual Adoration from the beginning, and we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary on the feast of St. Jude. My commitment has been in the middle of the night, mainly. I was drawn to it for several reasons. A poll taken at that time suggested that only 30% of Catholics still believed that Jesus is really present in the Eucharist. I found that alarming! I wondered how I was going to pass on the faith that had been given to me to my young family. I’m going to date myself, but as a new member of {X} I can remember what the sisters taught from the catechism. That the very essence of creations was to know, love and serve God in this world and be happy with him forever in the next. That we were to love God above all things and our neighbors as ourselves. Those seeds planted in me as a child, stayed with me.

My original intent with Perpetual Adoration was to be an example of faith to my family. I felt a need for guidance toward God’s Will away from secular thinking and acting. I recognized that prayer before Jesus in the Eucharist would be showing God love through the action of a visit. I could also accomplish the action of love of neighbor through intercessory prayers. A couple of my Protestant friends always talked about their personal relationship with Jesus. I knew that we Catholics had the ultimate gift of Jesus in the Eucharist, yet we never talked about a personal relationship with Him. I thought how can I develop a personal relationship with God unless I visit Him on a regular basis, expand my knowledge of who He is and what He expects. My search took me deeper into the teachings of the Church.

With each visit, I began to see my failings more clearly and forgive others more generously. I began to appreciate the sacrament of reconciliation as a gift of mercy. I could feel myself falling in love with the poor, the oppressed, the exploited and the marginalized. I also began to feel in my heart what I knew in my heart. I found the Holy Father to be a true leader with a strong backbone. In some of the Holy Father’s writings, he says Christ is Love and Truth, and if you love Him, you will reside in His truth. It made me realize my responsibility to seek and profess the truth of the Catholic Church and that if I didn’t stand for something, I would fall for anything.

My other hero became Mother Theresa. When Mother Theresa was asked what would save the world, she responded: prayer. She also said that prayer leads to faith, faith leads to love, and love leads to action. We know the Mass is the greatest form of prayer and Perpetual Exposition is an extension of the Mass. The Missionaries of Charity, which is the order founded by Mother Theresa, have in their constitution daily Perpetual Adoration. Their order is thriving and the work they do is known worldwide.

Praying before Christ in the Eucharist does not provide immunization against suffering. In the last few years, I have had innumerable crosses, that is, I’ve had the opportunity to die to myself, and my two main support were taken from me through death: my mother, who was my most trusted spiritual guide, and my spouse, my strongest emotional support, not to mention my future. Prayer before the Eucharistic Lord has provided me with an inkling of the divine insight that sees suffering not as an evil, but as an antidote which unites us, our loved ones, and the entire church to our savior on the cross. We are all called to be examples of faith in whatever walk of life we are in. Now that I’m a grandmother, I find it even more crucial to live it out.

A few years ago the Society of Perpetual Adoration initiated a campaign to have at least two people in adoration at all times, which are guidelines for Perpetual Exposition. We need two people in adoration at all times or could have to close some of the hours that are left open. It would be a shame to lose part of this gift because of our lack of responsiveness. Fr. Bill says that the best way to get people involved in the parish is to do a personal invitation. I am taking this opportunity to invite every single one of you to prayer before God in the Eucharist for one hour a week. Even if you can only start as a substitute, you are needed.

Especially when I need to connect in prayer to God, when I can’t seem to reach Him in any other way, He finds me in the Adoration Chapel. I just need to wait for Him there.

Spending time in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel has really been a plus for my husband and me. We have the time slot during the middle of the night. This time has worked out for us because when we come to the chapel, our every day activities have stopped and we are free to spend time with Jesus uninterrupted.

During that time, I talk over with Jesus the problems and joys of the day. That quiet time spent in His presence helps me to sort out what is important and helps me focus my energy towards those things.

I have been coming to the chapel since it opened. I marvel that in a time when churches are locked even during the day we can go any time of the day and find Jesus there waiting. We are fortunate to have such a treasure in our parish.

From the very first introduction of Perpetual Exposition, I was drawn to it. Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament was one of the devotions of my childhood that had seemingly become outdated. I had been looking for something to re-ignite people’s love and understanding of the Eucharist and I was certain that prayer before Christ Himself would accomplish that. This very humble peaceful chapel has given many of us the awesome responsibility of having someone in prayer before God the Son at all times. It has been good and challenging at the same time. It has forced the coordinators to be patient, persevering, in not only gaining the commitments, but in getting people to keep them. We’ve also had to practice the same tolerance Christ has for all of us with our lack of faithfulness.


  • “When God finds a pastor who puts no limits to the glory given to His Son in the Blessed Sacrament, He puts no limits to the outpouring of graces on the parish!”


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