Schedule Your Adoration Invitation Sign-Up Weekend

With the parish priest’s permission, we help start and sustain adoration at parishes. For more information, to schedule an Adoration Invitation Sign-Up weekend or for assistance in organizing and starting extended Eucharistic Adoration, please contact us.  We offer a number of options to start or increase adoration:

Invitation one copy

At the end of the weekend, after all of completed Invitations are collected, based on the response, the pastor may decide to allow perpetual adoration around the clock or partial perpetual hours.

Note:  Upon request, for some definitive part-time only or mini Sign-Ups or if you are doing your own in-house Sign-Up (DIY), if you need a customized Invitation to a Weekly Holy Hour that has check boxes for only pre-selected specific days and hours (for example with each hour from 7am-10pm, excluding Mass times, daily or  on certain days) we can prepare and provide this. See our Coordinator & Parish Resources for more samples.