Schedule Your Adoration Invitation Sign-Up Weekend


With the parish priest’s permission, we help start, increase and sustain adoration at parishes. For more information, to schedule an Adoration Invitation Sign-Up weekend or for assistance in organizing some or more hours of extended Eucharistic adoration or perpetual adoration, please contact us.  We offer a number of options:


To schedule adorers, if your local coronavirus legislation does not allow for the successful traditional method of handing out and completing Invitations with pencils during Masses on the sign-up weekend, we offer an online adoration sign-up form for parish websites (or on our website if they prefer). People can be instructed to sign-up by filling out an online form, by text message, at a sign-up table perhaps outside the church, with any other required reservations system you may have etc. After the sign-up weekend, it could also be noted that they can call a telephone number etc. Paper Invitations and pencils have proven over many years to be very effective, so if they are allowed, they are used.

Based on the response of how many people sign-up through all methods and how many hours can be covered with 1-2 adorers, the pastor may decide to allow perpetual adoration around the clock or partial perpetual hours.

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Note:  Upon request, for some definitive mandatory part-time only or mini Sign-Ups or if you are doing your own in-house Sign-Up (DIY), if you need a customized Invitation to a Weekly Holy Hour that has check boxes for only pre-selected specific days and hours (i.e. each hour from 7am-10pm, excluding Mass times, daily or on certain days) we can prepare and provide this.

An Invitation with all hours may motivate more people to sign up to achieve a higher goal.  If the result ends up being partial perpetual, it is still good to have been open to the special graces and blessings of having adoration round the clock.

The results we generally obtain are 25-50% of all adults at weekend Masses signing up for a weekly holy hour!

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“Come to Me, then, visit Me, and remain with Me by night, and I will work for you, and with you, and through you by day. By noctural adoration you will obtain from My Heart things which cannot be obtained from Me in any other way, especially the liberation of souls from the influence and oppression of powers of darkness.  More souls are saved and liberated by adoration made during the night than by any other form of prayer:  This is the prayer that unites you most closely to My own nights passed entirely in prayer during my life on earth.”  (In Sinu Jesu, Imprimatur)

Eucharist Our Lady