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Veil and the Eucharist

There is a resurgence and revival of the long-standing tradition of veiling and reverence in correlation to increased love, adoration and faith in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist.

Veils are considered sacramentals because they help us lift our hearts and minds to God. As such, a veil can be blessed by a priest in the same way that a rosary or a holy image can be blessed.

Women of all ages enjoy the special feeling, sense of honour and devotion, and graces they experience when they wear a veil to adoration or Mass.  Wearing a veil is a beautiful, quiet witness to the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist… it is also a stylish and wonderful conversation starter.

Many are not aware that until 1987, the Code of Canon Law made it mandatory for women to wear their heads covered in Church. While the current Code does not require or mention this, veiling is still a tradition of the Church and a personal devotion that inspires and builds reverence.  Sacred Scripture refers to this custom and it is part of our Jewish and Christian inheritance.

Veils make great gifts that can last a lifetime.


We offer a selection of veils, mostly lace, in various styles, shapes and colours.  The order form is nearer to the bottom of this page.


These high quality lovely veils are handmade with love in a convent using very soft lace.  Large measures approximately 37 inches across by 21 inches and small measures approximately 32 inches across by 19 inches front to back and trimmed with soft lace. the soft stretchy lace makes them a better fit and less likely to fall off during use.

Traditional Soft Lace Veil – large $25 CAD or small $23 CAD.  Colours in large or small beige/ivory, white, black, pink, silver trimmed with with silver lace that has metallic highlights, light blue or navy blue.  Navy blue available in small only. Ready to ship.

BULK PARISH TRADITIONAL SOFT LACE VEIL PACK – A set of 12 traditional lace veils – assorted colours  – $260CAD.  Ready to ship.



Beautiful triangle lace mantilla with natural, carefully handcrafted edging, finished to ensure longevity.  Handmade to order.

Short Floral Lace Mantillas  – $25.96 CAD ($20USD). Current colours: available in black, white, off-white, royal blue, mocha, silver and gold. This chapel veil measures approximately 34″ across by 14″ front to back, but please note that measurements may vary slightly due to variations by dye lot.

Long Floral Lace Mantillas   – $40.25 CAD ($31USD).  Current colours – available in black, white, ivory/off-white, royal blue, mocha, gold and silver.  Soft and feminine. Reaches to midback. Dainty rose natural edge. Beautiful drape on the shoulders and frames the face nicely. Won’t distract, keeps its shape well and clings to hair. Lightweight and just beautiful overall.  This triangle lace mantilla with natural, carefully handcrafted edging, is finished to ensure longevity.


Floral Lace Mantillas Longer sides  – $53.23 ($41USD)  Available in black, white, ivory/off-white, royal blue, mocha, silver and gold.   Gold in photo below.  Lightweight floral triangle lace mantilla with natural outlined edge. This chapel veil is longer on the sides than in the back.

Floral Lace Mantilla  Infinity Veil:  $44.75CAD ($34US).  Available in white, black, ivory, gold, royal blue, and silver.  These popular eternity veils now come in our beautiful Signature Floral Lace with one natural outlined edge and one floral scalloped edge, a nicely concealed seam, and lovely drape. This dual-purpose scarf/mantilla can be worn as part of your outfit outside the church and easily slipped over the head before entering. 




Chantilly Starter Veil – half-circle round back shape – $27.29 CAD ($21USD).  Ready to ship. A beautiful authentic Chantilly lace floral veil made out of soft tulle.  Excellent for durability and fineness.  “Starter” veils perfect for women and girls of all statures. Soft, lightweight and drape beautifully with an elegant narrow trim.  Available in black, white and ivory (off-white).  For colours mocha, silver gray, dusty rose, Marian blue, sage green, brown, twilight blue, plum, and burgundy please add $10 CAD.

Bulk Parish Pack of Chantilly Lace Starter Veils: 12 of the above Chantilly Lace Starter Veils – $240 CAD ($189USD) – black, white, off-white/ivory and possibly other soft colours. Last years stock with a different pattern on veils – $194CAD ($180USD).

Chantilly Lace Starter Veil – small with ties – $16USD ($21CAD)

Sweet Eternity Veil – $30 White  



Short Half-Circle Rosebud Lace Mantilla –  $27.29 CAD (USD $21).  Available in black, white, or ivory.  Handmade to order. 



Soft tulle is one of the finest laces available, has a delightful softness and drapes beautifully.

Soft Tulle Chantilly Lace – triangular back shape  $46CAD ($35USD) – Small 44″x17″,  $53CAD, ($40US) – Medium 50″x20″ $31CAD,  $54CAD ($42US) – Large 56″x25″.  White and black.   

Soft tulle Almondine Mantillas – small (57×16 inches).   Available in black, white, mocha, and medieval blue $49.34CAD ($38USD).   Hangs long in the front and straight across the back.  If you prefer the larger size, let us know and we will give you the large proportions and price quote.  Made to order.

Soft Tulle Half Circle –     Medium 37×20 inches – $60.57CAD ($46USD). Large 48×26″ – $63.20CAD (USD $48).   Available black, white, mocha, and medieval blue.  Could be an adult or First Holy Communion veil in white.   Made to order. 

Soft Tulle  Infinity Veil –   $55CAD ($38USD)  White or black.  Made to order.


Spanish Seville – First Holy Communion, any age, adult $38USD ($50 CAD).  These authentic embroidered Spanish mantillas are perfect in white for First Holy Communion or in white, black, white & gold, black & silver, and black & white, black and grey for Confirmation, or as a special gift in wine purple, red or rose.   This mantilla has beautiful embroidered detailing, is very soft, and features elegantly rounded corners.  Approximately 45″ across by 23″ front to back, but measurements may vary slightly by dye lot.  Ready to ship. The first photo below is the black and grey colour.


Exquisite Spanish Lace Medallian Veils –  This elegant embroidered mantilla is made in Barcelona, Spain. This chapel veil is popular for its lovely drape and artful embroidery.  Available in black, white, beige, gray, navy, pale pink, wine purple, brown, moss green, black & pale rose, black & rose, black & fuchsia, black & purple, black & olive green black & gold (metallic), black & brown (metallic), black & green (metallic), white & gold (metallic) and white & silver (metallic).  The softest colours are white, off-white, gray, navy, pale pink, brown and moss green. Black and color-on-black combinations tend to be slightly stiffer.  USD $38 (CAD $50) for large.  Ready to ship.  We may have some smaller in stock.


Spanish Camellia – 47×23.6 inches – $50CAD ($38USD).  An authentic embroidered Spanish mantilla from Barcelona, Spain! It is available in 21 classic and Easter colors and features a beautiful central floral motif and an elegant edge – all in one piece.   Available colors: black, white, beige, gray, rose, mint, Madonna blue, navy, wine purple, fuchsia, black & gold, black & copper, black & white, black & pale rose, black & lilac, black & fuchsia, black & green, black & mint, black & blue, black & twilight blue, and black & garnet.  The softest colors are white, off-white, gray, rose, mint, Madonna blue, navy, wine purple, and fuchsia. Black and color-on-black combinations tend to be slightly stiffer.  Approximately 46 inches across by 21-23 inches front to back, but measurements may vary slightly by dye lot.  Ready to ship.  We may have some small available.



This french Chantilly lace comes directly from Calais, France, and is known for its soft, vintage-style lace that clings to the hair.

First Holy Communion or adult veil – $37.67CAD ($29USD).  Genuine French Lace.  Ready made.  Limited edition.

Other Holy Communion Veils:  Other white veils such as the ready made Spanish, French Rose Mantillas or White Floral Bouquet veils.

French Juliet Chantilly Lace – semi-circle short. Large scalloped trim. Available in black and gold with floral scalloped edge – $38 CAD (USD $28.88).   Made to order.

French Juliet Chantilly Lace – semi-circle short with small scalloped trim. Available in black and gold with floral scalloped edge – $38 CAD (USD $28.88).  Made to order.

French Juliet Chantilly semi-circle long  – $45 CAD (USD $34.20) Reversible veil with eyelash and scalloped edges.  Made to order.

French Flowers Chantilly Veil – $$59.22 ($45USD).  Semi-circle or triangular.  Made to order.


French Rose Mantillas  – $68.47CAD ($52USD).  This beautiful mantilla comes directly from Calais, France, and is known for its soft, vintage-style lace that clings to the hair.  These elegant veils feature true French lace with a delicate floral pattern that has a beautiful wider border all the way around, and slightly longer length in the back.  Available in black, ivory/ off-white, green and caramel.


French Stella Maris  – $55CAD  Ivory/off-white.  This beautiful mantilla comes directly from Calais, France, and is known for its soft, vintage-style lace that clings to the hair.  


French Floral Bouquet – Calais Lace Eternity Veil – $50CAD.  Available in black or white.   Made to order.


Eyelash Lace Eternity Veil – $35CAD.   Available in white or black.

Eyelash Infinity Veil  – $45CAD ($34.65USD). Available in black or white.  Made to order.

Butterfly Eternity Infinity Veil – $30CAD  Black or White.


Classic Soft Stretch Lace Mantilla –  $37CAD ($28.48USD). Very popular.  Made to order. The size is 42 inches by 20 inches. Triangular or rounded back.  Available in black or white.  

Metallic Lace Infinity Veils –  $25CAD.  Available in red, purple, or teal.  Soft lace. Ready to ship. This eternity veil can be worn in different ways and around the neck as a scarf outside of church.  One edge is straight and the other is scalloped. Made by religious sisters in a monastery.  Either edge can be placed at the back.


Mourning Veil – $55CAD ($42USD).  A good veil to purchase in advance and have ready for funerals. It is versatile and could be used as a two layered chapel veil for everyday use.  A bride who receives this as a shower or wedding gift to potentially wear at her husband or others’ future funerals, better remembers to cherish and honour her loved ones while she still has them on earth.  Swiss dot pattern.

Pillbox Hat – $30CAD   Colours available:  beige, black, red, and maroon.  Soft royal wool felt.  Stunning, elegant and stylish.  Diameter is 19cm.  The design has a lovely bow on the side. The veil is like a wedding veil that may be worn over face or lifted up above eyes.   Stays in place with hidden sewn in hair clamp and elastic band.   



Add a Satin Chapel Veil Carrying Bag – $6.50USD ( $8.56CAD).  Protect your mantilla with a lovely satin chapel veil carrying bag. Each bag has a pull-string closure – no clasps or zippers for delicate lace to catch on.  The size is 26 x 30cm.   The classic black colour keeps clean and is easily stored in a purse.  If you prefer a pouch made with see-though organza material in a gold colour the price is $3CAD per bag and the size is a bit bigger.

Add a non-slip clip  –  If you want a non-slip clip sewn in please add the extra cost of $4.50 CAD ($3.50USD). If you just want a non-slip clip enclosed in your package for you to sew in, please add an extra cost of $.80CAD (.50USD) per clip. If the veil is dark colour, then a dark coloured clip is used and if the veil is light, the clip we include a light coloured-clip.

Veils can be worn for daily Mass, for Sunday Mass and special occasions.  They help to  makes a woman feel like she is wearing her “Sunday best” to Mass.     By veiling for Mass and adoration we  give silent witness that Jesus deserves being dressed up specially for.  After all, are in the Presence of, and receiving in Holy Communion, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

A gift of Our Lady’s Brown Scapular, sign of salvation, will be included when we have them available.  100% wool handmade scapulars are valued at $8.  We also have plastic scapular medal versions that some wear for health reasons.
Please specify in the comment section of this order form: if you are ordering more than one veil and the colour(s). If it was indicated in the product description above, please add the extra amount to your payment for colours.


Since we are a registered Canadian charity with sales under $30,000 per year, there are no retail sales taxes are applicable.

Please allow 1-5 weeks for delivery.  Ready to order veils may be shipped within 1 day – 2 weeks.  Some veils are handmade to order.  The careful and finished veil-making process takes times.  We work hard to do things well and in a timely manner.


Our veils are high quality and hygienic.  We are unable to accept returns or exchanges. There are no refunds.


Your orders will support the establishment of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration! Veils are prepared and shipped once payment is received.

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Extra Veils not listed above.

Juliet Chantilly French in Black and Gold (Long Rectangle) – Reversible Eyelash and Scalloped Edge.  European laces and veils fluctuate in price.   Price to be confirmed  – the lace became too expensive.   Made to order.

Floral Vine  – only one in stock. Price to be confirmed.

Petunia Veil – Only one is stock – $38CAD (USD $28.88).   Made to order.

Eucharistic Adoration Black Lace Veil – Long $30, Medium $25, Small $20. Only a couple in stock.  Made to order.


Eucharistic Adoration Black Orchid Lace Veil – Long $30, Medium $25, Small $20. Out of stock.  Made to order.


Eucharistic Adoration Ivory Lace Veil – Long $30, Medium $25, Small $20.   This soft lace flows and drapes beautifully.  Stays on securely when you order it with the non-slip clip.  Has one cut out edge and one seamless straight edge. Made to order.  One or two in stock.

Eucharistic Adoration white lace with gold flowers – $25  Very lightweight, stiffer lace.  Made to order.  Patterned edges frame all sides.

Eucharistic Adoration Floral – small $20, medium $23 or large $25.  This is a stiffer lace.  Currently available in light silver-grey, ivory, or white.  Patterned edges frame all sides.  Made to order.

Jesus and pursuing a life of holiness are reasons why women want to veil. Our Blessed Mother still has her head covered with a veil when she appears throughout the centuries…


  1. “Glorify God in your body” (St. Paul).  Select a beautiful veil because God created beauty.  He deserves the best.  It’s fine to look good in a veil – Mary does.
  2. If you need to mortify your vanity,  choose a veil that you are indifferent to.
  3. Considering the materials, time and labour, these veils are reasonably priced.
  4. Your purchase supports those who labour with love to make these veils and our apostolate for the establishment of adoration.  You can buy more than one veil.



  1. Wear it with love and the desire to bring souls to Jesus.  Keep focused on Him.
  2. Don’t think you’re right and others are wrong. This is a personal devotion and is no longer required by the Church.
  3. Give it a try.  Remember, modesty is attractive and promotes holiness.
  4. Give them as gifts.



The sermon in this video explains the theological significance of veiling.  Here is a transcript of the section where the priest speaks specifically about women wearing veils:

We’ve talked about the meaning of the bridal veil before…   the bridal veil signifies the submission of this particular woman to the loving care of her husband. It signifies her trust, her confidence in his Christ-like leadership. It signifies that she has chosen to follow him as a loving partner and companion. It also signifies that he has been specifically consecrated to handle that sacred vessel – to safely touch that ark – and that’s something mysterious and beautiful.

But that doesn’t explain why little girls would wear a veil, does it? It doesn’t explain why professed virgins, nuns, religious sisters would wear veils, does it? Obviously, the mystical symbolism of a veil goes far, far beyond the relationship of one particular woman and one particular man. What does it mean? What sort of a mystery is presented us when we see a woman veiled before the altar?

It’s a very great mystery. Like Our Lady, every Catholic woman, as a woman, is a living icon of the church. So when she veils herself here, in the presence of Our Lord, it’s a visible reminder for all of the spousal relationship – the bridal relationship – between the Church and Christ.

That relationship between the Church and Christ is a very deep mystery, indeed. So whenever we see a veiled woman here, before the altar, be she six or be she sixty, it’s a visible reminder for all of us of this spousal relationship, this bridal relationship between Christ and His Church.

And because the veil also signifies the submission of the bride to the loving care of her husband, it means that the veil of a Catholic woman is also a visible reminder of the perfect submission of the Church to the loving rule of Christ.

The veil is a visual sermon, it’s a visual statement, it’s a public proclamation before the Lord that He IS the Lord and that we love Him and that we are ready to obey him. It’s a totally counter-cultural statement proclaiming obedience in the midst of a culture that is totally permeated with this attitude of “I will not serve.”

That, in any age, but especially in ours, is a very great mystery indeed.

End of transcript.

Women are free to follow the Blessed Virgin Mary’s beautiful example of veiling for Mass and Eucharistic adoration. As Queen of Heaven and earth and His and Our Mother, Jesus adorns her as a model of interior and exterior feminine perfection in modesty, the safeguard of chastity.



“There can be no danger of excess in our care for this mystery, for ‘in this sacrament is recapitulated the whole mystery of our salvation'” (Pope St. John Paul II).

Some women may be concerned about what other people will think if the veil. Others may wonder if they should do anything that draws attention to themselves.  However, wearing a veil at Mass or anytime you find yourself in the Presence of the Eucharist in the tabernacle or in the monstrance, may be showing mercy and charity.

Have you ever pondered how wearing the veil as well as receiving Holy Communion on the tongue, or kneeling for Holy Communion, or any other act of reverence for the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist could silently instruct   or indirectly comfort the sorrowful of heart or help to boost others in their faith and hope?

By quietly but visibly acknowledging the Real Presence, we show that God is here! He is really, truly, substantially present in the Most Blessed Sacrament – Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity! God in every consecrated Hosts is not a symbol! We believe and that is why we veil in His Presence!

One sign of respect for men is to remove their hats. All of us can make an act of humbling ourselves, acknowledging that we are in the presence of the Almighty.

We can instruct the ignorant and comfort the sorrowful.  Silently, by our witness… by our faith and by every act of reverence that you make toward our most precious Saviour Jesus in the Eucharist.

May the  flame of love for Jesus that burns in your heart, soul, mind and strength grow!  By wearing the veil, you are pointing to Jesus.

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