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This page contains location planning templates from the ecclesiastically approved Real Presence Association PEA Manual and general information and examples of what parishes in Canada and worldwide are doing.


Perpetual adoration is extended exposition of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament where at least one person is always present.  One reason that Canon Law requires someone to be with Our Lord during exposition is because Jesus is vulnerable and exposed. However, there is currently more danger of sacrilege at Mass, if ministers are not paying attention as guardians of the Blessed Sacrament, because anyone could walk away and desecrate a consecrated Host.

Adoration is a way to experience a taste of Heaven on earth.  A quiet and peaceful atmosphere helps to reduce external distractions and can be more conducive to listening to God in adoration.  Profound graces and conversions take place when souls have access to and experience the Real Presence of God, Who is Love, and notice that He is being loved and given special attention in adoration.  Having an Adoration Invitation Sign-up schedules adorers to cover hours. People learn value of prayer and adoration.  They are invited and encouraged to visit the chapel. By keeping the chapel open, other visitors can pray when they want and at times that suit their schedules.

A place for adoration is usually selected before or on the Sign-Up weekend. It needs to be ready before perpetual adoration starts.

OLS Adoration chapel Niagara Falls

Adoration Chapel Preparation

Chapel Location and Set Up Worksheets:


Note:  It’s helpful but not mandatory to visit other chapels to formulate an idea.

Chapel Prioritization Worksheet:


Chapel Preparation Checklist:


Note:  We can provide the forms mentioned in the above checklist (see Coordinator Resources on this website).

“How to Start Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration” instructions note: ‘The best location for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration is a Chapel.  A Chapel can be kept warm in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer.  It creates an atmosphere for quiet intimacy with the Lord.  People generally feel more secure in a smaller place.  If the Church does not have a Chapel, any small room can be converted into one.  A Sacristy, Crying Room, Baptistery, room in church hall, or even a room in the Rectory, Convent or School, are all suitable locations for a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel.’

Each local diocese may have specific guidelines or requirements for renovations and place for adoration.  Bishops are blessed and benefit from the great graces perpetual adoration brings to their dioceses and by promoting it in their parishes.

Some convert a small room like a pantry, storage closet, parish offices, under-utilized side sanctuary area, etc. into a small chapel.  In some  cases, a few dry-walls could be installed to create a chapel in a corner of a church hall, side sacristy etc. The Tabernacle in the main body of the church is not removed. The adoration chapel has a Monstrance and sometimes there is also a Tabernacle there. Some parishes have weekday Masses in their Adoration chapel for a small group.

Adoration can and does still take place in the main body of the Church in some parishes, especially when no room is possible to convert, renovate or build. However, the adoration can only be done there, when other activities like weddings, funerals and communal Stations of the Cross are not taking place. It is more difficult and expensive to maintain heat or to air condition a large church than a separate small room/chapel; especially in a northern country like Canada that has colder winter weather conditions.

Eucharistic adoration takes place in so many beautiful churches. It is wonderful and important when parishes keep the church open during the daytime hours for prayer before the Tabernacle.  Parishes can start at least some exposition if they don’t currently have a separate chapel.

It is good to see generous priests providing opportunities for people to have access to spending time with God, rather than being unable to pray because churches are locked up. As Jesus confided to St. Margaret Mary – He feels abandoned, alone and ignored. Fewer suicides would take place if we had perpetual adoration available as a refuge.

Iconic and Divine Mercy

Link for live streaming from the Marytown Online perpetual Adoration chapel that has round the clock exposition in their main church, with reposition for Mass:


Some cathedrals have exposition taking place all day in the main body of the church with people dropping in to discover and spend time visiting Jesus.

Having a separate chapel/room is ideal, but not necessary.  Adoration can take place in the main body of the church and a Monstrance placed on an Altar.


In most parishes however, experience has proven that the best way to sustain uninterrupted adoration has been to have a separate place.  

This parish has adoration in a former convent right beside the church from 9am-6:30pm and Forty Hours devotion once a year and First Fridays  in the main body of the church:



Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph help parishes find a place for Adoration

Where there is a will, there is a way.  When a family is expecting and loves a child, they will make room.  The Holy Family was first told that there was no room at the Inn… We might be wondering, was there, is there?  In any case, Joseph found a stable, a manger, a cave….  God chose this humble place and poured out graces to all souls.  Joseph and Our Lady adored, warmed by the breath of  the lambs, the sheep.  Sure enough, more adorers arrived, the shepherds and the Magi…

The place for adoration does not have to be fancy or expensive.  One adoration chapel had a small inexpensive monstrance, perched on top of a pedestal they made from a real tree branch.  There is beauty in simplicity.  A large family knows that Love is what a child needs most. Some parishes are able to be chapel ready in a short period of time, for others more planning is involved. Having a beautiful and safe and welcoming place to adore can make it more attractive to adorers.

Monstrance rays

Your Monstrance

Most parishes already have a Monstrance for Eucharistic Adoration.  If your parish does not, we may be able to help to procure one.  An option is to just have a Monstrance in the chapel (without a Tabernacle).

Cloth to repose during Mass

Some chapels have a sacred cloth or curtain for covering the Monstrance for Mass.

A Catholic church supplier notes that with the Exposition-Tabernacle they sell, when the Blessed Sacrament is shown for adoration, it is enclosed in an approved and bulletproof material. The Sacrament is completely safe.



Monstrance enclosed in plexiglass with doors

Some chapels are designed with a built-in Tabernacle with doors and a Monstrance inside that is also safely secured behind unbreakable bulletproof plexiglass.  No touching of the Host or sacred vessels is required. Ensures there is no danger of sacrilege if there is a gap in scheduled adoration, for emergencies etc.

Regarding Two-Tabernacles in One Building

Parishes have and keep their main Tabernacle in main body of church, even if the adoration takes place in a separate chapel in an enclosed area (i.e. with a door) where they have permission to have another Tabernacle.  The separate chapel can be in the church or another building. The Tabernacle in the main church is not taken away or hidden away because that would defeat the whole purpose of loving Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  We want to give more attention and adoration to God, which means giving our Eucharistic King as much honour and reverence as possible, and not reducing it in any way by removing Jesus as the central focus of attention in the main church.

Some pastors have and receive permission to have two Tabernacles (i.e. one in main church and one enclosed in a separate chapel with a door) and the Monstrance for exposition. Many rectories have their own chapel.  Chapels can be opened in under-utilized parish office space or halls.

One parish built their unique chapel behind a central Tabernacle that can be accessed on two sides – on the main Church/sanctuary side for Mass and on the chapel side there is a Monstrance for Adoration:  http://www.corpuschristi-edm.ca/adoration/the-chapel

There are many photos on our website and on parish websites with ideas if you are building or renovating a church.


Example using the templates above with ideas for an overall plan

Name:  [Name of parish, Patron Saint etc] Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

Adoration Invitation Sign-Up weekend: Will be conducted in advance of the start up date [by visiting missionary], scheduled for nearer to the time when the chapel will be ready. Possibly [date].

Coordinating team:  Parish volunteers to coordinate the adoration chapel will be recruited and selected on and in advance of the Sign-Up weekend (i.e. Head Coordinator, 1-4 divisional leaders, 1-24 hourly coordinator, adorers).

Chapel start-up opening date: Usually 4-6 weeks right after the Sign-Up weekend, when  adorers are scheduled and the chapel is ready. Possibly [date].  [Note: A feast day or solemnity is a good date to start and have as an anniversary.]

Location for the Eucharistic Adoration chapel:  Existing side chapel (located already on east side of church) that was once used as a X room. This is the most ideal place after considering options.

Seating:  Pews and kneelers will be placed here.  [You could have donors contribute suitable cushioned chairs, couches, or comfortable seats with good back support for seniors etc. Some prefer chairs that are more penitential, while others, in particular the sick or the elderly, may need something more relaxing or that provides warmth in cold climates.]

Lighting:  Sufficient for reading and relaxing.

Costs:  Parish contractor will/may donate some work at $X or no cost [could provide estimate of costs]. Only 1-2 dry-walls with insulation for sound barrier will be necessary. A new coat of paint can be applied if necessary.

Handicapped Accessible:  Handicapped accessible washroom available already. Existing wheelchair ramp.

Parking: Many spaces are available church parking lot.

Heating and cooling:  Minor upgrades will be made to the chapel area.  This will cost significantly less than heating and cooling the main body of the church. In winter when the chapel is open, the heat will remain at a comfortable room temperature level, for example 20 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit or a little warmer for seniors. If there is air conditioning or a fan, it will not be turned up too cold/high, so people will not catch a chill and can enjoy warm weather after cold winter seasons.

Security (if required i.e. downtown):  For night hours, a key pad entry code to be installed at chapel entrance by local security company at a cost of $X [or keys provided for night adorers etc.] Security web camera above chapel entrance or indoors (i.e. for a downtown parish).

Considering the hundreds of thousands of hours of prayer that will be done for decades ahead if your parish starts continual or extended Eucharistic adoration, it is well worth the comparatively small amount of time and effort involved in making this happen in your parish.   In the end, it’s all about Love.

Adoration Chapel Sign and/or dedication?

Eventually, some parishes have a sign promoting the chapel at the entrance, either outdoors or indoors: https://eucharisticadorationcanada.com/product/granite-custom-engraved-chapel-sign-or-grave-marker-free-shipping/


Chapel set up within a few hours:

Once a Monstrance and some supplies were selected,  the above adoration chapel was set up in 2018 in a barren room within a few hours!   The curtains are covering a large window to another room.   Regular padded chairs that were available were used.

Triptych and plexiglass

Please feel welcome to contact us if you have any comments, questions, or corrections.  We aim to improve.