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How to Start Eucharistic Adoration

Your Adoration Invitation Sign-Up Weekend/mission includes having a Sign-Up homily given by clergy (or if a regular homily will be provided by parish clergy, a Eucharistic Sign-Up testimony can be given by laity) at all weekend Masses.  This is followed by a coordinators’ organizational training meeting, usually on the Sunday, Monday or another evening right after the weekend.  After the pastor sees the results (i.e. 500 parishioners committing to a weekly hour) he makes the final decision on the weekly schedule of hours for the adoration program at his parish.

KEY DOCUMENTS to organize your Adoration Invitation Sign-Up weekend:

These Key Documents include:

The Invitation to a Weekly Holy Hour to be handed out with pencils, completed and collected at every Adoration Invitation Sign-Up weekend Mass:

Invitation to Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

Here is another editable version of an Invitation that can be personalized and used for boosters.  You can remove the last line if you want:

Invitation to Perpetual Adoration (editable version for personalizing)

Or there is another version in French on our French website and in Spanish at the link below.


For parishes that schedule a Sign-Up weekend, other helpful information can be sent directly to the pastor or the pastor’s appointed contact person. A few things need to be confirmed as outlined in the following advance preparation instructions.

Please do the following prior to your Sign-Up weekend:

Preparing for your Perpetual Adoration Sign-Up Weekend

Sample parish bulletin announcements for 1-2 weeks before the Sign-Up Weekend:

Bulletin Announcement Before Sign-Up

DIY sample Parish Bulletin Announcement


Comprehensive pre-evangelization and catechesis:

In order for your Sign-Up to be most successful, some pre-evangelization is vital.  If the parishioners are inspired, they will be ready and want to spend time with Jesus. Parishioners and potential adorers need reminding, instruction and catechesis.  Their faith in the Eucharist can grow and be sustained by evangelization and preaching on the Eucharist, the value of adoration, reasons for adoration, prayer etc.

These documents can be inserted into your parish bulletins for 3-4 weeks before your weekend. The more your parishioners know and love God, the more they will want to spend time with their Best Friend, Jesus when they are invited to take a weekly holy hour. You could also offer some Holy Hours with recollections prior to the weekend as part of your pre-evangelization and adorer formation.

Print and insert copies into bulletins for 3-4 weeks prior to your Sign-Up weekend the following four documents, or you can select others from our “Extra Parish & Coordinator Resources” tab in the main menu on our website:

  1.  What is Adoration

2.  Standing Guard:

3.  A Call to Holiness:

4.  Sample Prayer of Consecration to Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament:


Transcript of a taped Sign-Up weekend sermon given by visiting or parish priest/clergy:

The homily below in pdf format can be provided in Word format upon request:

Sample Eucharistic Adoration Sign-Up Homily 2

Other samples and versions of sermons can be emailed and prepared upon request.

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration talk – this could be reduced to 3 minutes if it will be given with sign-up instructions to speed up the whole process.  If it is a testimony given by a lay evangelist, it will be personalized. The regular Sunday homily should be reduced to about 5 minutes or less, if a lay person will give the Adoration Invitation Sign-Up Appeal/Testimony and the Sign-Up Instructions:

Perpetual Adoration – 5 minutes long

Sign-Up Instructions:

Sign-Up Instructions given to congregation at Mass:  Sign-Up Instructions given at Mass

Other sample sign-up instructions are available and can be provided upon request.

Ushers/Volunteers Instructions:

Instructions for Ushers/Volunteers to personally hand out copies of the Invitation and pencils to everyone and recollect them when completed during each Mass:

Ushers/Volunteers Instructions to hand out and recollect Invitations & pencils


If you schedule us to help with your Sign-Up weekend, we lead your important coordinators organizational meeting.  Arrangements can sometimes be made for us to  lead your meeting via Skype.   If you want to lead it yourself, you can contact us for more information.

In advance of the sign-up weekend, please reserve the parish hall or a meeting room in the parish (with Wifi Internet access if possible please) and Coordinators Organizational Meeting,  for right after your Sign-Up weekend, usually on the Sunday or Monday evening at 7pm.

Everyone who  has been pre-selected  by the pastor and those who note on the Invitation that they would like to help coordinate the adoration will be invited to this meeting. They can be invited in the sign-up homily or testimony, in an advance bulletin announcement and with a reminder call by phone on Sunday afternoon. There could be around 24-30 people at this meeting.  If fewer than that checked off on the Invitation that they would like to be coordinators, then when the Division Leaders make their calls to schedule the adorers, the adorers can be asked if they would like or be willing to join your coordinating team to be an Hourly Captain.

The completed Invitations from the weekend Masses are brought to the meeting, already sorted into the five specified time divisions:  Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, and Unspecified. A report of the sign-up results is given, encouragement and team building is provided, roles are explained and accepted, and training is given to the Hourly Captains, Division Leaders, and Head Coordinator(s).

Coordinator Attendance Sign-In sheet & Adorer List from Sign-Up:

This is an Excel document, so it can’t be posted here. We bring this or can email it to you.

This helps the coordinating team to build their final database.  If there was time to prepare it, as a back up, a typed list of all those that signed up may be made provided at the meeting or will be prepared afterwards.  As noted above, the head coordinator and division leaders are also given the copies of the Invitations in their time frames.

Those who volunteered to help coordinate the adoration but cannot make it to the meeting should be sent their information by the head coordinator.

A few handouts will be made in advance and given at this meeting:

1.) Organizational Meeting Folder (30 copies, double sided is fine, stapled together):

This folder includes:  Commitment to PEA, PEA Organizational Chart, Instructions for Organizing PEA, Filling out the Schedules, Role of the Hourly Captain, Adorer’s Practical Tips, Graces and Blessings of PEA, Hourly Captains Weekly Chart, List of Hourly Captains.

Note: Over the weeks right after this first meeting, once they have made their callbacks and set the adoration schedule, the head coordinator/division leaders will need to make 24 different copies of Hourly Captains Weekly Chart on page 14. Then 1 will be given to each of the 24 Hourly Captains listing their adorers scheduled for each day of the week. The adorers in each hourly captain’s team will also each need to have this information in case they need to trade their hour with another adorer one week.

We bring at least 4 pencils to the meeting, for the four time divisions so can everyone sign up to be one of the 24 Hourly Captains. Those who signed up to help coordinate and cannot attend this meeting will be assigned by the Head Coordinator to be Hourly Captains for the remaining hours.

2.)  Division Leader Schedules (1-2 copies)

You can use these four Division Leader Schedules (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night) in Word to type or write in your information:

Print this pdf at around 90% to get it to fit onto one 8.5 x 11″ page:

Note:  The four Division Leaders fill this in when they make the calls to schedule adorers. When calling they can and if adorers are lacking, they should ask the adorers if they would be willing to take more than one hour. The Division Leaders and the Head Coordinator should meet together again once their initial call backs are made. At that time, if they have not already done so, they may call adorers who did not specify a time division on the Invitation.

Once the Hourly Captains select their hour and receive their training (page 2/3, 7/8), they are free to leave the first organizational meeting early.

3.)  Information for Hourly Captains to provide to each of their adorers before the adoration starts.

This will be customized by the head coordinator and division leaders once the schedule, start-up date and other details have been established.

Therefore, 1 copy for head coordinator is needed:

Info for Hourly Captains to give adorers before start up date

Please let us know if you would like to editable document in Word format emailed.


Before the adoration start date, it is preferable to hold a meeting inviting all adorers that signed up and are scheduled for adoration to meet their coordinating team, Hourly Captains and other adorers in person.  This builds community and strengthens the adoration program.

At this final star-up meeting before adoration begins, the leadership team will go over and every adorer should be given a copy of:

a.) Role of the Hourly Captain/Adorer’s Practical Tips, page 7/8

b.) Hourly Captains Weekly Chart, page 14 completed

c.) The details outlined in the “Info for Hourly Captains to give adorers before start date” above) in person and writing.

For adorers that cannot attend this meeting, the hourly captains should be go over this information with each of their adorers over the phone and send a printed copy by regular post or email if permissible.


For those that are interested in organizing their adoration information digitally, if you would like a complementary and user-friendly way, here are two options:

1.)  We can send a free Microsoft Excel Adorer Scheduling program for all of your adorer data by email or regular mail (since it does not seem possible to upload an Excel document onto this website). It works on personal and Mac/Apple computers. Please contact us if you would like a copy.

2.) There is another complementary Microsoft Access Adorer Scheduling and Tracking program. Please contact us if you would like a copy.


Following the Sign-Up, one or two recollections with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament can be provided on two weekday evenings right after the weekend. This can be an experience of a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament, some reflections on how to adore and pray and time for silence.  Many parishioners will not have spent much time in adoration and prayer, so this formation can introduce the parish to simply enjoying spending time with Jesus, where abundant Eucharistic graces will be lavished upon them and the parish.


Attracting New or More Adorers


Parish Adoration Chapel brochure

Here is a template to make a parish pamphlet that you can distribute to attract more adorers from your area.  You personalize this by inputting your parish chapel information and you can add your own photos.

Download Brochure Template (it is available near the bottom of this webpage):

Please see our “Extra Parish & Coordinator Resources” on the main menu of this website if you want more.  There are many extra things available there and on the Internet.  It is not necessary to read or use any or all of them. You may want to refer to them in future for more information once you start your adoration.



We thank and give credit to everyone who helped prepare, share and provide the above adoration materials. We are open to suggestions for improvement. Our goal is to promote or provide effective and orthodox resources that are faithful to the authentic teachings of Jesus Christ.

For adoration starters, founders and adorers that have gone Home to God already, we give thanks and ask for your intercessory prayers, blessings and protection.

Our Lady of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, pray for us!